Moblogging Again

As the previous two posts show, I’m finally moblogging again. As I said before, I’ve been wanting to include my moblog posts in the main feed, but still wanted to have a way to distinguish them somehow from my regular pics. Intro the “TB” icon (for TB.Movel) with the tiny mobile phone. When you see the following image at the top of a post, it means it was moblogged:


Another thing is that I had trouble integrating the moblog archives into my WP install — I was still using MT for that. I still have an exported file of the them, as well as all the images, so maybe one day I’ll find a way to do it (it could be a bug in WP 1.5). But for now, no moblog archives, and we start from zero.

Update (16/09/04): That moblog image is no longer available, and I can’t even remember what it looked like. But as I’ve been fixing the archives, I’ve added all of the moblog posts to the “TB.Movel” category on the site (TB.Movel was the name of my moblog).