I turn 32 today. Ain’t getting younger.


You Say You Want a Revolution

This makes me smile. Japan’s FAMITSU WEEKLY (the top gaming magazine) had a reader survey on which next-gen console they were most interested in, and here are the results:

1. Nintendo Revolution – 42.2%
2. Sony PlayStation 3 – 39.8%
3. Microsoft Xbox 360 – 18.0%

Nice to see that despite the huge pushes by Sony and Microsoft at the recent E3 show, Nintendo still manages to excite gamers like that.


The Erog Zone

Marxy debunks erogs.

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In the Studio

16389758_0ceff13013Radio OK Radio, take 2.

Design Events

Design21 Exhibition


The Design21 “Love/Why?” exhibition sounds good, and the list of included artists (on the TAB page) is just insane.

Design21 nurtures the links between man and man, between man and nature – it also stands for a new lifestyle, for design that makes people happy. Design21 is an international design competition looking for young design talent and is supported by the Unesco and Felissimo. First organized in 1995 as an anniversary event celebrating 50 years of UN relations, Design21 grew into something big: this is already the fifth time the event takes place. The current exhibition, titled “Love/Why?”, presents winning and invited art works and will be on display in Kobe, Tokyo, New York and Paris. (TAB)

It’s taking place at Shinjuku Park Tower until June 4.


Technorati Japan

Technorati Japan has just launched.

Update: Patrick brings up some good points:

I’ve always been less than impressed by Technorati so far. Most of the time I’ve found it to be slow (“Searching the World Live Web”… what?) and giving tangled, far from optimal results.

At least in my blog’s case, 90% of results are myself linking to myself, and half of the rest are links from side-bars or blogrolls, while only real entry-to-entry links should be shown in order to make it a usable tool. Their engine needs to be able to recognize where a blog entry starts and ends, but currently it just indexes all links in the whole page. Things haven’t seemed to improve since the beginning.

I was also disappointed by their recent tagging initiative, which is a step away from standards. Indeed, blogs are required to link directly to them in order for the tags to work! Why not simply suggest a smart use of the rel attribute or anything else that doesn’t imply them being the blog tagging central?

Sadly, I see Technorati as a bunch of great ideas done wrong.

Design Fashion



Che of Octopus Dropkick! posts about a t-shirt design shop he discovered at the latest Design Festa called Chikuwab. They have an online shop, and alhtough I’ve just started looking through it, there’s definitely a lot to like. Looks like I’m going to have a lot of fresh new tees for the Summer!

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16186224_a3cb38f884Your first look at Hariko, the latest from Roughtoyz, and designed by 9brand. We’re (NCM) going to be making a Swedish version for Swedish Style later this year.

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Pause with Kids

16154769_65e57b2ee8Sunday morning at Pause, taking pictures of kids playing with the Snapazoo. It’s for promotional material.


Bosozuku Bentos

From Travellers’ Tales, the Far Eastern Economic Review’s blog:

How do you find entrepreneurial employees in Japan? The founder of a leading boxed-lunch seller has found the answer. According to the latest issue of Japan Entrepreneur Report, the head of Tamagoya, Sugihara Isatsugu, hires school dropouts and juvenile delinquents rather than college graduates. Because they have forged their own path in life rather than following the track set down for them, they possess more vitality. “When they catch fire, the power they unleash is fearsome,” he says.