Pink Ribbon

Oh, I definitely want to catch this. Not only is it playing at Uplink X, the smaller venue that opened last year that I still haven’t checked out, but it’s showing with English subs — cheers to the Uplink people!

With special screenings for women for example, “pink” (=erotic) movies nowadays attract a different audience than 43 years back when the genre’s first title appeared in Japan in 1962. Now it’s not only the adult video fan who goes and watches a pink movie, about 90 of which are still produced here every year (which is one third of the total cinematic output in Japan). In this documentary Fujii Kenjiro, who made his debut with “Near Equal Moriyama Daido”, observes the past, present and future of the Japanese pink film industry. Directors such as Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Takahashi Banmei and Izutsu Kazuyuki, as well as other professionals involved in the production, distribution or screening of pink movies appear and discuss the topic with great enthusiasm. The title, by the way, hints at the pink movie award that was established in 1980, and is unrelated to the “pink ribbon” breast cancer campaign. (REALTOKYO)

PINK RIBBON is playing daily at the following times: 11:40, 14:00, 16:20, and 18:40 (no 18:40 on Wednesdays).