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Production IG Love-Fest

Over at Patrick Macias’ (author of TOKYOSCOPE, and other Japanese film/anime related books and articles) blog you’ll find a nice little write-up of the recent Production IG event — set to introduce the new BLOOD PLUS animated series — that took place at Tokyo University recently.

Although ostensibly held to promote the upcoming “Blood Plus,” an animated television series based loosely on the “Blood: The Last Vampire” OVA, nary a snippet nor cel was shown of the production. Rather, the shindig opened with a video montage of various IG projects broadcast at ear-splitting volume, veered into an impromptu live cello rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” (!), and finally settled into a freewheeling discussion of the state of the anime industry and its role in the global marketplace. On hand were Innocence director Mamoru Oshii, IG president Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Blood Plus director Junichi Fujisaku, a TBS broadcasting executive, and a Tokyo University professor. (And, dare I forget, co-emcee Chiaki “Go Go Yubari” Kuriyama — sporting an evening gown rather than her trademark schoolgirl outfit and flying guillotine, alas.)

No word yet on when BLOOD PLUS is scheduled to launch.