I’ve never been to the Canadian Embassy’s gallery space, so I don’t know how major this show is, but it might make for a nice little outing — and you can drop by Cafe & Book 246 while in the area.

This event presents works on the theme of architecture and interior design by two artists each from Canada, Japan and Australia. If you asked me for my favourite among the participating nations I wouldn’t hesitate to name Australia. Sally Smart contributes bold yet subtly expressive felt and cloth collages covering entire walls, while Calum Morton (photo) uses in his ironical pieces cheap-looking logos to turn eminent works of architecture into convenience store or gas station buildings. Let me stress also the fact that the composition of the show as a whole was worked out very well, as especially Smart’s works are displayed in a way that they dominate the atmosphere of the entire exhibition space. (REALTOKYO)

It’s taking place at the Canadian Embassy (B2 Gallery) until June 30. There’s also an spinoff show, “Architypes Multiples,” at Nadiff until May 29.