Getting to Know NK


Oh, I would so love to attend this — damn my schedule!

Although North Korea is geographically close to Japan it’s a far country full of mysteries. How does a girl get into the “Group for Pleasure”, and who is it that came up with Mr. Kim’s funky hairstyle? And what about his rumored relationship with Princess Tenko? OK, these are probably not the most essential questions concerning North Korea, and one should rather try and find out the truth behind issues such as kidnappings of Japanese citizens, nuclear tests or 6-nation talks. Bruce Cumings, who is most trustworthy as an intellectual familiar with the recent history of the Korean Peninsula and East Asia in general, will surely give answers to questions like the above. No, not the ones about girls’ dance groups and hairstyles! Or, maybe even those too? Any idea Mr. Cumings? (REALTOKYO)

More info here. It takes place at Temple University, July 7 at 19:30 (RSVP recommended).