Tokyo Q Party

Happening this Friday at SuperDeluxe. I should be dropping by after work.

After the success of our last Tokyo Q Lounge Night (SuperDeluxe was packed!), we’re doing it again this Friday night (July 8).  Admission is free, and there’ll be plenty of great music, a live VJ performance, experimental anime and more.  Plus plenty of great microbrew beers and SuperDeluxe cocktails from the cash bar.

The music will be the usual mix of funk, desi, breakbeat, Russian Orthodox dub, polyphonic ska-boogaloo, metal tango and the like, plus some more obscure (but very danceable) genres.  The DJing will be done by DJ Young Jeff (from Play Label), Datadub (aka Don Kratzer), Sister Chill (Jude Brand), Crustacean (Robb Satterwhite) and some surprise guests.

Visuals will be by VJ Kevin Jones, plus a showing of experimental videos and anime on the East Wall, including the world premiere of the latest installment in Modius Cafe, the futuristic spy-adventure short anime by video artist David Roy.

The party starts at around 8:30pm and runs till 2am or later.  SuperDeluxe is in Nishi-Azabu, on Roppongi-dori about 1 minute from Roppongi Hills, just past TV Asahi-dori, on the south (left) side of the street.  Call 03-5412-0515 if you get lost.