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Giants Walked Here

Tomato is coming back to Tokyo for another workshop, to take place at the KDDI Designing Studio. The following is from the latest Gas newsletter:

There will be a 3-days-long workshop by the world famous creators group,TOMATO, at KDDI DESIGNING STUDIO in Harajuku, TOKYO, during the mid summer. The workshop intends to explore the way of expressing the inspirations that we get from everyday life, by wondering about the city. There will be a presentation of all the students after 3 days of working on the project set by TOMATO.

There are 2 elements behind the workshop; “Derive” was the movement carried out by Situationist to re-discover the rationalism in developed environment, during the 50’s-60’s. “Okuno Hosomichi” by Matsuo Basho was a haiku-format journal he’s written while his travel through Tohoku area from Edo (Old Tokyo).

DATE: 2005/8/18(THU.), 19(FRI.), 20(SAT.)

*We will be informing how to apply for the workshop in the URL below, very soon.