MedicomToy Life Entertainment

Medicom getting into lifestyle accessories is definitely good news for all you Kubrick/Bearbrick aficionados. From Cool Hunting:

Having made Kubrick and Bearbrick toys into virtual household names, MedicomToy is the Japanese company credited as one of the originators in the vinyl toy phenomenon. With the launch of Fabrick, their debut line of accessories and d├ęcor designed by artists, MedicomToy is becoming a lifestyle – MedicomToy Life Entertainment, as they charmingly call it. The collection includes totes, bags, slippers coin purses, notebook covers, wallets, tissue holders, travel cases, and more (what do the Japanese not have an accessory for?) in graphic fabric prints by the likes of Will Sweeney of Silas, Genevieve Gauckler’s best-selling character, Big Black Doll (pictured), a soft version of Futura2000’s Unkle, traditional furniture by Karimoku, and, yet another Kubrickian homage, a full-size reproduction of the famed phallic rocking chair from A Clockwork Orange.

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