Jeans, Now!

In the past I’ve posted monthly reports on the top search terms that lead to this site, and stopped a while back since it got quite boring — looking at June’s top 20, 8 are related to Samurai Champloo. But I think it gets interesting if you look at 21-40:

21. jeans – Anyone want to start brand with me?

22. gamecube+advance – I’m surprised my little post (proclamation of love) on this hoax got so much attention. I’d still love to see this really happen!

23. shojo+beat – Anyone pick up the first issue? I’d love to have a look at it, which I’ll be able to do next month when I’m in Canada for 3 weeks.

24. bape+shoes – I imagine it must be due to this neverending Bape thread (things seem to have died down on the Boa thread, but it still gets at least one new comment a month). And while on the topic of Bape, I stopped by the Bapexclusive shop in Aoyama the other day, and they’re it’s still closed for renovations.

25. mikako+ichikawa – Because, you know, I have a huge crush on her.

26. %b2%60%a5%d0%ae%a5%a4l – Could this be some code for Japanese text? I’ve never used any Japanese text in my posts, but maybe in some comments somewhere.

27. samurai+champloo+episode+download
28. samurai+champloo+direct+download – Sorry to disappoint all these people, but I never link to torrents on this site.

29. tokyo+street+style – Well, this makes sense, although I don’t think I use that particularly wording much, else it would probably be much higher.

30. bae+yong+joon+girlfriend – Hahaha… This is just ridiculous. Are these people looking to be his girlfriend? There must really be nothing in English on this guy, since I probably just mentioned his name once, and as a joke.

31. nagi+noda – It’s just sad that this is probably because of that post I wrote on the pakuri thing (from a Marxy post). I really am a fan of her work.

32. samurai+champloo+episode+downloads
33. samurai%20champloo%20wallpapers – It really is a great series, by the way, and I was quite sad to see it end. I’m hoping they’ll get around to making a movie, like they did for Watanabe’s COWBOY BEBOP.

34. erog – Meme alert!

35. anna+kaneshiro – Probably referring to a post I wrote on THE RETURNER, which stars Ann Suzuki and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

36. tokyo+blog – Bingo!

37. speed+grapher – Anyone been following this one? I’m still enjoying it, but I’m not as excited about it as I was at first. I probably wouldn’t care much if it ended at 13 episodes.

38. japanese+jeans – Jeans! Now!

39. pxr-5+watch – Following that post I wrote about really wanting one, the designer, Michael Young, actually contacted me and told me he’d send me one.

40. jean – The one and only.

Design Tokyo Q

Design Column for July

My new design column is up at Tokyo Q. This month: the Drawer House, watches from the Sea Hope brand, Muji travel gear, and more.



Marxy shares the great, great news that Shugo Tokumaru‘s second album, L.S.T., has a release date: August 25! What? You don’t have his first album, NIGHT PIECE? Why not?


Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! This is actually the first time in years that I remember to celebrate it, and that’s only because my new favorite podcast (CBC Radio 3) has just released a special Canada Day episode. Great stuff, eh!

And while on the topic of podcasts, Apple released the 4.9 version of of iTunes this week, with full support for podcasts. I’m now using it to subscribe to all my favorite podcasts, and suggest you do the same. I really like the interface, and it makes it easy to access them, both in iTunes and on your iPod (it now creates a podcast playlist, for quick access).

As for that new podcast idea I mentioned the other day, I played around with GarageBand a bit this week, and it looks like a great and easy way to do it. Tracks are just dragged in, and then you easily drag the recorded voice bits and tracks around to edit. Nice. Next up, I need to get either the Griffin iTalk or the Belkin recorder for my on-the-street rants/raves. Anyone have experience with either, with recommendations? Macworld reviewed both a while back, and said that the iTalk was the superior product.

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Shintsubo Kenshu Exhibition


What I saw the other day at Nadiff (ends on Sunday).