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Shobo Shobo BBQ

If you’ve been enjoying the Shobus Diary, the following events are going to be a nice way to take in the Shobo Shobo experience live.

For about one month, Shobo Shobo mastermind Mehdi Hercman is traveling all across Japan in a bus, together with O.lamm, Domotic and some other folks of the French label Active Suspension. Each time they park their vehicle the artists hold lectures and performances, or engage in other forms of cultural exchange with local creatives. The final presentation/lecture/live performance on 8/30 at Super Deluxe is of course recommended, but the barbecue party one day earlier sounds like an even more unique event. There will be mini live sets using the original Shobo Shobo Portable PA, but that’s about all information available to the general public. For more details please get in touch with the organizers from Mobium (contact info on the “Details” page). In any case this semi-private home party will be a good occasion to enjoy food, drinks, music and chats with lots of interesting people from France, Japan and other countries. (REALTOKYO)

More info here.