Art Events

Tremors Were Forever


The last event that will happen at Caniche Courage (where the latest issue of OK FRED was launched):

Caniche Courage™ has been an undercover & beloved art interface in Aoyama since October 2004, with many exhibitions, performances, and miscellaneous events by young artists from all over the world. This ephemeral space, always full of surprises, has announced the upcoming closing of its branch in japan, leaving the fascinating memory of instants that might never really have happened.

Tremors Are Forever” is an art exhibition to beautifully conclude Caniche Courage™, delightedly orchestrated by Loris Gréaud (artist) from Paris, item idem™ (conceptualist / brand owner), Assistant (creative office) from Tokyo, whose collaboration will give birth to a never-before-seen souvenir shop.
In addition to the unique limited edition products by Assistant, item idem™, and Loris Gréaud, various artists & individuals, related to Caniche Courage™ will contribute their original works, making the whole space, even a part of an interior, ready to be taken away as souvenir.

Dazzling events will be happening in the space till its very end, generating potential tremors from this image of the future that never really happened. (TAB)

The show starts tomorrow, and ends October 31.