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Art Autonomy Network

Do a lot of you make it out to Yokohama for art-related events? I do often notice events happening at the BankART 1929 venue that I’d really like to see, but going there is such a time/money investment that I never end up going.

BankART 1929 Yokohama has become an epicentre of Yokohama’s cultural life since it opened in the former Daiichi Bank building four years ago. Only a 4-minute-walk seawards away, BankART Studio NYK is another great venue at a highly attractive location. This time the opening project of the Art Autonomy Network (AAN), which was launched with the aim to serve as a loose network and platform for exchange among a variety of creative people, is taking place mainly at Studio NYK. Events held as part of the opening project include a public display of archives, a round-table discussion, video screenings, artists’ presentations and others. With the Yokohama Triennale on the doorstep too, this fall will be a season where art fans will have to commute to Yokohama a lot. (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at BankART NYK until September 25.