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CET 2005

harada_01The annual “Central East Tokyo” (CET) event, part of the ongoing R-project that aims to “revitalize Tokyo’s economically and culturally depressed central east district,” is getting set for its third appearance (October 1-10). Events will take place in many areas (Marunouchi, Nihonbashi, Kanda, Higashi-Kanda, Akihabara, Bukuro-cho, and Hacchoubori), with the theme this year being “Street Culture Tokyo.” Yukiko Harada talks about the event at REALTOKYO, and I’m already excited about the “Office Vacant” exhibition (designers/artists rethink the typical Japanese work space). I’m not exactly sure how you get your hands on one of their “cultural” maps though (their site has next to no info in English, only this).