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Walking Around in Daikanyama


Take a walking tour of Daikanyama without going anywhere by taking in “Aluku. Walking around in Daikanyama: Sayaka Akiyama Solo Exhibition.”

Akiyama Sayaka is known for walking specific places and then tracing her route with threads of all colors and qualities on maps of the respective areas. So far the artist has documented her walks in regions as scattered as France, Roppongi and Shanghai. This time it’s the Daikanyama neighborhood around the AIT room, where once again Akiyama first undertakes a walk, and then proceeds to creating her artwork expressing such aspects as movement, encounter or sensation, in threads that together will form a colorful map of the Daikanyama area. At this occasion the artist unveils also the result of an experiment mixing her art with video. Taking the visitor on a virtual walk of Daikanyama while imagining what the artist saw or felt on her way, this exhibition distinguishes itself in a pleasant way from the average art show. (REALTOKYO)

It’s taking place at AIT Room until October 14.