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Sin City Bar

I loved the movie-adaptation of SIN CITY (and I’m a huge fan of the comics), and was really surprised to hear about this limited-time SIN CITY themed bar in Aoyama, especially with Maki Nomiya (whose new album, PARTY PEOPLE, is out tomorrow) being involved. From METROPOLIS:

After catching the new Bruce Willis flick, keep the sexy/violent vibes going by stopping in at the bar of the same name in Kita-Aoyama. Produced by former Pizzicato Five songstress Maki Nomiya, Sin City (03-5775-2555) features goods and original cocktails inspired by the movie. A “Sexy Show” that promises to recreate scenes from the film and a sweets café round out the entertainment. Get your fill of indulgence by December, when the limited-time-only establishment bids farewell.

Here’s the official site.