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Tokyo Asia-Pacific Entertainment Festival

This looks like fun, and I believe it’s the event where Sony is going to be premiering some PS3-related vids (and possible hands-on gameplay).

While the contents of the “Tokyo Content Market” […] is rather business-oriented, this festival here is more for the end user. It’s the first big event gathering various aspects of entertainment embracing the categories film, animation, game, hobby and comic, in one of the world’s enterteinment capitals, Akihabara. Various characters from animated movies and others appear in performance shows, autograph-signing sessions etc., while items on sale include visual and game software, hobby goods and a lot more. Now I wonder, does this mean that otaku culture isn’t underground anymore? (REALTOKYO)

It happens throughout Akihabara, October 22-30. Here’s a link to the festival’s official site.