Production I.G Exhibition


I don’t mention exhibitions much anymore now that I have the TAB badge in my sidebar (you can also subscribe to a feed of my recommended events), but I do want to make an exception for this new show at the Parco Museum of Art and Beyond covering the work of Production I.G.

“Production I.G” is the top animation production studio in Japan, and maybe the world’s best. 10 years ago, they were responsible for the first ever Japanese movie to make it to the #1 spot in the US Movie Charts with “Ghost in the Shell”. Nowadays, international collaboration projects are pilling up on their desks; one recent notable succes is the animation part of Tarantino’s “Kill Bill I”. Their latest anime series endeavors will be showcased along with their histories. (TAB)

It started today (and to think that I was in Shibuya earlier tonight and didn’t know), and ends November 14. Entry is 500 yen.