Month: November 2005

  • Tees from Skwat

    Get your anime/manga flavoured Apple-lovin’ tees from Skwat, a Belgian t-shirt designer! Link via Cult of Mac.

  • DoCoMo International Architectural Design Winners

    Have a look at the winning entries for the 1st DoCoMo International Architectural Design Competition. Link via

  • iPod Bar

    From TUAW: Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has installed an “iPod Bar” in the Tokyo Apple Store, which functions like the Genius Bar, but fields only iPod-specific questions. I can just hear the Genius Bar workers from across the globe exclaiming, “We’re sick of resetting iPods!” Hence the iPod Bar was born. Check it out…

  • Dressed to Kill

    Digiki has got to be the most stylin’ man in Tokyo right now!

  • GTA Pause

    GTA PSP multiplayer madness at Cafe Pause!

  • Schooling Pad Workshop

    This page features results form a recent workshop held at Schooling Pad. Link via

  • Abandoned Buildings

    Tropolism points to this site that chronicles abandoned Japanese buildings. Update: Momus posts his own thoughts on the site. Oh, and the site’s name translates to “Haikyo Deflation Spiral.”

  • On Design Is Online

    This month’s “On Design” column is now online. As I mentioned the other day, it’s a look at some standouts from 100% Design, and features Chihiro Tanaka’s Spore, Bridge’s Ice Partition (by designer Kenichiro Ohmori), Metaphys’ Factory, the E.P.A + GELCHOP Bike Protector, the JDMC Ryu Line Black Series of chairs, and pd DESIGN’s Green…

  • Echika

    You know all that annoying construction that has been going on for months now at Omotesando station? Well, it was all for a new underground shopping/food court called Echika, set to open on December 2. Doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but I hope it means that all exits will again be open.

  • Designing the Perfect Balance

    My Tokyo Design Week article that appeared in today’s edition of THE JAPAN TIMES (in the Arts section) is now available online. The piece was published with additional reviews by Sébastien-Philippe Fortin, which you can read here. For some reason, last Tuesday’s “On Design” column still isn’t online, but hopefully will be up shortly.