Group 1965’s Tokyo Souvenir

I get a lot of mail from readers telling me they are about to come to Tokyo for a visit, and they use my site to make up lists of things to check out. I think this exhibition is probably going to be of interest to a whole bunch of you.

Good news for all those who keep having difficulties finding appropriate souvenirs each time they leave the country for home visits or overseas business trips. “Tokyo Souvenir” aims to display an array of souvenirs that are pleasantly different from the usual stuff you find at Ueno station or Narita airport, assembled by the reputed “Group 1965” (known among others from the “Tokio” exhibition at Mori Art Museum). Each of the Group members presents a unique selection of items in which the artists’ love of Tokyo is crystallized, and which will animate visitors to buy one as souvenir, or provide inspiration for travel reports as a substitute for a souvenir. Held during the exhibition period is an “ogiri workshop” teaching how to improvise smart answers on stupid questions, and the adjacent Cafe Kurage offers a special menu. If you have ideas for interesting souvenirs you can submit your suggestions via the Website of the venue, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibya. (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya until December 18. Find out more about Group 1965 here.