I love the idea of creating collective art spaces like Kitanaka, but selfishly, wish it wasn’t happening all the way out in Yokohama.

Approximately 50 units of artists, architects, designers and individuals engaged in other creative activities have found a new home in two refurbished, 80-year-old buildings that were dubbed “Kitanaka Brick & White”. Next to exhibtions and open studio events by creators and groups such as Mikan, Off Nibroll, Soya Asae, Yokoya Naho, Polonium, Kato+Ogiwara+Yano Atelier, Maruyama Junko or Disco, the newly opened venue boasts a book room created by the Book Pick Orchestra, an archive room in which the Art Autonomy Network (AAN) introduces alternative artistic work, and lots more. It’s a shame that all this will disappear in two years, when the almighty Mori Building will “redevelop” the neighborhood… (REALTOKYO)

Catch the opening show, “Kitanaka Brick+White,” from November 18 to December 18.