Beer & Architecture Vol. 4

Beer! Architecture! Yeah!

Photography is an essential medium for architects to produce architecture. This fourth edition of “Beer & Architecture” invites visitors to inspect several pieces of architecture photography and discuss the state of architecture from the 1960s to the present, and of course, have a beer or two. Special guest is Ohashi Tomio, a photographer who singlehandedly sparked off a new trend through his work, most of which was published in “Kenchiku Bunka” magazine. Expect to see pictures of Tokyo St. Mary’s Cathedral and (maquettes of) Sendai Mediatheque, and hear episodes from the shootings, which together will surely reproduce some of the mood of the time when architecture photography was still a pretty exciting and innovative genre. (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at Asahi Art Square, December 10 (starts at 19:30). Entry is 1000 yen, including a drink.