Realms of San Francisco


The Nakaochiai Gallery is getting ready for its next show, and it’s a major one: “Realms of San Francisco.”

Nakaochiai Gallery is proud to present seven artists representative of the San Francisco art scene that is currently drawing attention in the US and worldwide. Their work has been part of exhibitions at such world class museums and galleries as San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Jack Hanley Gallery and New Langton Arts as well as New York’s Deitch Projects.

In ‘Realms of San Francisco’ artists present moderately-sized works on paper in which they create meticulously detailed worlds with intriguing intimacy: Robert Gutierrez’s dreamscapes where pseudo sci-fi lands float together with animist spiritualism; Xylor Jane’s hypnotic fields find order through mathematics; and Oliver Halsman Rosenberg’s dimensions of “sphereism” reveal inherent patterns of nature found in both the micro and macro universes.

In the wake of Art Fair Tokyo’s successful summer debut with the motto, “Change the situation and open the art market,” the gallery’s owner, Julia Barnes, is excited to help debut these 7 American artists in Tokyo: “I believe the ideas and energy in ‘Realms of San Francisco’ will inject refreshing dialogue into the Tokyo art scene.”

‘Realms of San Francisco’ is a new landmark in Nakaochiai Gallery’s effort to provide cultural interchange through art.

The show will be held from November 27 to December 23, with an opening reception November 26 (18:00-21:00).