Ubiquitous Sounds

I featured Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On (pictured in this post) in the first edition of my “On Design” column, and it’s great to see an event which will include the device.

There’s “ATAK@ICC” (see below, and also the event on 12/18) and the CCMF, which is held concurrently with this this event, so fans of digital music won’t think twice about where to spend the two weekends before Xmas. On four days it’s all about creation tools and composition theory, and before witnessing the talk sessions and concerts of Shibuya Keiichiro and Takahashi Yuji, you might want to go and get some background knowledge at this set of symposia and live performances. Guests range from music and multimedia experts from Louvre Museum and Yamaha to French pop stars and such cutting-edge artists as Iwai Toshio. The latter unveils the “Tenori-On” (photo), a new musical instrument developed in collaboration with Yamaha, and with countless other performances and verbal introductions this will certainly be an extremely rewarding event. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, December 10-11. Have a look at the schedule here, and here‘s the official site for the event.