Another chance to catch some more works from Isamu Noguchi.

Following the show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, this next Isamu Noguchi exhibition closes up on the famous “Akari”, the popular lamp series made up of more than 100 different models that was launched in 1951. In addition to an exhibition introducing the series, a total of 20 graphic artists and illustrators including Asaba Katsumi, nenndo, Yamamoto Yuko and others pay tribute to Isamu Noguchi in original paintings on several “Akari” items. Furthermore the Akari model “1A” (green and red), which until now has been available only in New York, is scheduled to go on sale at “Nippon Form”, a shop inside Living Design Center OZONE. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at Living Design Center OZONE in Shinjuku until January 17. More info (in Japanese) here.