Book Cover Exhibition

For all you book binding fetishists (Craig, I’m thinking of you):

When you leave Ochanomizu station, cross the Hijiribashi bridge, and walk along Sotoboridori toward Akihabara with Yushima Seido on your left, you will find on your right a small shop named Misuzudo. It belongs to a book bindery, the main factory of which is located in Nagano Prefecture. This tiny little space in Kanda incorporates an atelier and gallery in which small-scale workshops and other events that communicate the fascination of book binding are being held. “Skin of a Book” exhibits book cover designs by a total of 30 designers belonging to the Japan Typography Association, and for prices starting at 100 yen ready book covers are being sold at the venue. (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at Misuzudo Gallery, January 10-24.