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Animal Fun

I’ve alluded a few times to the fact that Yuko has developed a bit of an obsession over DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING) and that I’ve pretty much lost access to my DS because of it — I won’t tell you how many hours she plays a day, but I think you can already figure out that it’s more than one. Want to know why DSes are selling like crazy in Japan? Just now she told me that she was spending some time with someone she later found out was an 11 year old girl. How did she find out? The other person that was hanging out in the village with them was her father, also playing on a DS right next to her. And the mother? She was in the same room, with her DS in hand, playing one of the popular brain training games. Oh, and the big brother also has his own DS.

I just can’t see the PSP developing this sort of family interaction — and that’s exactly what it is, a new way for family members to interact with each other.