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2 Channel Vending Machine


I stopped by Nakano Broadway yesterday to take some pictures for my upcoming PingMag article (at the ANDTOY shop — and contrary to what it says on their front page, they do take international orders), and spotted this vending marchine selling 2 Channel merchandise. Here’s a close-up of the items on sale, a close-up of the graffiti on the lower right, and a close-up of the gachapon machine beside it.

Also, I recorded some stuff for a new Tokyo Boy podcast, but still haven’t checked to see if it’s useable.

UpdateI’ve put together the podcast, and it’s about 16 minutes long. I didn’t bother putting in any chapters this time (not really necessary), and it’s currently getting classified on, so should be available for download sometime tomorrow. I’ve also prepared a proper feed, so you’ll be able to subscribe to that as well.