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I was out in Akihabara yesterday — full “out of the closet” disclosure: I wanted to go to the Yellow Submarine RPG shop to check out the board and card games (picked up a pack of this cool new “constructible strategy game” called PIRATES) — and it’s just insane to see how much the district has changed. I don’t really go to Akihabara anymore, and so was just shocked to see all the huge high-rises (like the Cross Field complex pictured here) surrounding the area. The sad thing is that it’s sort of turning into any other Tokyo shopping area. On the bright side, these new complexes are being built in a part of the district that wasn’t really used before (for retail), so the original tiny “circuit streets” are still there. Last week I saw a thing on TV that reported on how the area is now attracting non-otaku women to the area, and not just for shopping, but also as a place to live!

And since I’m on the topic of games (not the video kind), I’m wondering if there’s anyone playing PERPLEX CITY? I just ordered a starter pack that includes a few boosters — looks like fun.