In-Ear Irritation

Can’t believe I’m actually lashing out at Apple, but damn it, I’ve just gone through my second pair of Apple In-Ear Headphones, with both breaking the same way (the left ear bud stops working). Now, I loved the way they sounded, and they fit perfectly in my ears, but I can’t spend 5-6000 yen for another pair, and so I need to get something cheaper, and I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations. The last time they broke, I did try buying a cheaper brand at Bic Camera, but had to return them because even the smallest one was too big for my ears (it would just pop out), and it was a hassle returning them. What I loved with the Apple ones, is that the smallest size fit perfectly.

If you’re wondering why I absolutely need in-ear headphones, it’s because I can’t listen to video files on my PSP with regular headphones, because the volume doesn’t go high enough (to counter the noise from the train).