This Week in Magazines

  • The new issue of TITLE (74) takes you on a tour of “Rock Around the U.K.” It’s a pretty thorough guide, and I’m sure Toe over at Groovisual Diary has already picked up a copy.
  • I don’t always browse through ESQUIRE, but the new issue (Vol. 20, No. 5) features a guide to Aoyama Dori, highlighting lots of things well worth seeing in the area. It’s also an over-sized fashion special.
  • There’s a new DESIGN NOTE out (6), and it’s another great look at top art directors (15 in all).
  • The second issue of the REAL DESIGN mook has also hit the stands, and it’s chock full of product design-y goodness, including coverage of items found in top Tokyo luxury hotels, digital cameras, the latest cells (is it just me or is everyone going boxy all of sudden), and much more.
  • Although they haven’t updated their website to reflect it, the new issue of OK FRED (7) is now out. The theme for the issue is fashion, and I contribute my regular column (“Sekai no Mise”), as well as a few record reviews (Taichi’s MORE OR ENOUGH, Kazumasa Hashimoto’s GLLIA, and Masakatsu Takagi’s AIR’S NOTE).