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PSP Cases from GAS

After their foray into iPod cases, guess it was inevitable for GAS to go after the PSP next. Seems like the DS would have made more financial sense though.

Japanese design group Gas Project are releasing a new line of designer Playstation Portable slipcases.

Surface to Air, Hideki Inaba and Colette each designed a case.

Surface to Air’s case is red and features crossed bayonetes and the words New York Cards Surface to Air printed on its flip lid.

One side of Hideki Inaba’s black case is filled with a list of all of the PSP’s buttons and switches in giant white letters.

The Colette case is white with odd-looking black creatures staring at the four iconic Playstation symbols, which are printed in grey.

All three cases feature flip lids, a pocket for holding a UMD, a belt loop and shoulder strap. I think my favorite is the Surface to Air model. (Kotaku)