This Week in Magazines

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  • As I mentioned last month, the new issue of STUDIO VOICE (365) is their look at the world of design, in a cover feature called “New Design Paradigm.” It’s quite a nice take on the topic, covering it from various angles, and really trying to give readers a feel of the current design scene in Japan.
  • RELAX (111) continues with its recent trend of covering all things spiritual with their “Relax and Spiritual Geographic!” feature. Honestly, I didn’t quite get the whole point of it, as they highlight what they call “power spots” in various locales (like Hawaii and Hong Kong), mixed in with fashion shoots.
  • Another great issue of PEN (173), this time with a look at magazine design (or as they call it, “Design Work of Magazine”). It’s really quite nice, with a focus on image-heavy, design-related magazines, highlighting a few, and including a survey of top international art directors. They also have a pull-out guide to vintage magazines, also spotlighting stores in Tokyo where you can find them. I definitely want to check out Combine (also a cafe) in Nakameguro, as well as gift_lab/TRIggER in Ebisu.
  • Yet another magazine to do a cover story on books (there’s been quite a few in the past few months), this time CASA BRUTUS (74) with their “The Next Book to Read” feature. It’s well done, actually, including 237 picks, and getting recommendations from various CASA BRUTUS regulars (designers and architects).
  • I don’t say this often, especially when it comes to expensive magazines like IDEA, but I highly recommend picking up the new issue (316), which devotes its entire issue to “The Conditions of Graphic Design.” It’s basically an excuse to offer up a terrific survey of the best in graphic design, and it’s an absolute joy to leaf through. They also include a look at some designer workshops, which is something I always love to see — I’m fascinated by creator workspaces. Believe me, it’s well worth the 3300 yen cover price.