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Diesel Denim Art Exhibition


I know some people disapprove of big brands getting involved into the art scene, but my take is that whatever helps put nice shows out there — or in the case of video/motion graphics, nice DVD compilations or festivals — is fine by me. Shift Blog has info on a new exhibition, “Japan,” to be sponsored by Diesel.

Aiming to support young aggresive artist, “DIESEL DENIM GALLERY ART EXHIBITION” will be held by “DIESEL”, a fashion label that suggests not only fashion also your lifestyle like movie and music. Having the theme of “JAPAN” which is also the theme of DIESEL s/s collection, the nine couples of the selected artists from all over the world will hold a group exhibition. They are all upcoming artists selected from various genres like illustrator, typo-writer and art unit professing “trash-art”. Each of them make their works on “a hanging scroll” as a camvas with the theme “JAPAN”. “Pop but poisonous”, “cool and quiche”, and “cute but quiche”…The works of “complicated artists” produces an exotic space with denim.

“DIESEL DENIM GALLERY” is a denim forcused shop of “DIESEL”, and is only in Tokyo, Osaka, and New York. As its name suggests, denim can be displayed by the sense like the gallery as an art, and you can enjoy shopping as if appreciating the artistic production. They send special denims as “Denim Gallery Special” every time, open the space to young artists to exhibit their works, and also actively support them.

Artists: Kazuhide Abe, Andrew Kuo, Kiyoshi Kuroda, Gendaibijutunitohei, Hisham Bharoocha, Taka&Pep, DENSE, MACKEY Kimura, Yurikov Kawahiro

Open: 21th, April -18th, May
Time: (thr week/Sat) 11:30-20:00
(Sun/Holiday) 11:00-20:00
Address: Sakuma Building 1F, 20-13, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5784-3812