An Afternoon at the Co-Lab

I’m writing this from Co-Lab (previous post here), sitting in the Chin Music Press cubicle, where I’ve been finishing up this month’s edition of my “On Design” column (due tomorrow). It’s quite nice — I took a tour of the area, checking out the various floors and meeting spaces — and I must say that I’d love it if I could afford to move in. It’s nice to be surrounded by creative types, and a change of scenery, away from my home setup, is much appreciated. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more excuses to come visit people and grab some quality work time while there.

Also, in tribute to CMP’s Canned Coffee site, let me mention that I just had a can of Boss Caffe Latte, from Suntory. Not too sweet with a taste that doesn’t overpower, it did its job well: to give me a slight caffein jolt.