Gameboy Micro Showcase

I hadn’t heard anything about this, but sounds like a fun way to take in a few cool games.

This past Saturday, Nintendo put its “art games” on display in Tokyo. Sixty Game Boy Micros were set up in Shibuya Parco’s basement, demoing new “Bit Generations” titles. Simple puzzle games rich in color and sound, the games included Dotstream, Boundish, Dialhex, Coloris, Digidrive and Orbital. These neat titles and this slick set-up seems geared to kick some life into sagging Micro sales. (Probably wasn’t a good idea to set up another display with the still selling-out DS Lite, though.) The games are going to be released sometime this year, while Part 1 of this exhibition will continue only until May 15, 2006. Definitely worth checking out. (Kotaku)