PechaKucha Takes Over the World

29_1I had a chance to check out last night’s edition of the PechaKucha monthly event at SuperDeluxe, and was happy to see that they’ve finally launched a website — and a nice one by the way, brought to you by the fine folks at IMG SRC, who are also behind PingMag — for the event. It’s also nice to see the event really take off around the world, as plenty of cities are already on board, with more to come.

Also, I’m currently working on a cover story for METROPOLIS on the PechaKucha phenomenon, and I’d love to hear from you, anyone who has attended in the past, and get your take on the event. Feel free to send thoughts, experiences, and any comment you have, as it would certainly help me with the piece.

Oh, and I love that next month’s edition takes place on my birthday, May 31!