DVD Player Discount

Remember that great region-free DVD player (Beans) I got last week from RegionFreeJapan.com? Seems like the post I wrote sent a few readers their way, and as a thank you they’re offering a discount to new orders.

Jean, this is Jim from RegionFree KK (www.regionfreejapan.com). I processed your order for the Beans S-901HG. Thanks for the plug. Checking our web stats I notice that we are getting quite a few hits from your site.

I just thought I’d take the chance to say thanks and offer any of your readers a 1000yen discount. They can email us in advance of their purchase and a special link will be sent to them or they can email us immediately after their purchase and a refund will be sent with their player.

I’m still very happy with the model I got, and as I mentioned before, got great service from them.