Move on Asia 2006

I’m definitely going to be checking this out during GW:

This is volume two of a joint project by curators from 12 art spaces in six Asian countries. On view this time is a selection of animation and 1-ch video works by a total of 21 newcomer artists. The exhibition comes traveling from a space called LOOP in Korea, will be shown at four venues in Japan, and then move on to China, Australia and Singapore. One aspect worth mentioning about this project is that the spreading of videos — a form of art that is easy to distribute — is being organized by a network of alternative spaces and independent curators, rather than national cultural agencies or museums. despite some administrative difficulties, the venue is ready become a platform for communication, as well as a symposium that is scheduled for 4/29. (REALTOKYO)

The screenings are being held at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya starting tomorrow (until May 27), and the admission fee is only 500 yen.