Animal Crossing at Lapnet Ship


Even though Foret is currently closed and undergoing some rennovations, the Lapnet Ship is still open, and has just moved down the road (see the access section of their site). The current show covers DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING):

At Harajuku’s LAPNET SHIP, the gallery/cafe is holding a Animal Crossing art exhibit for the next thirteen days. Ten artists, illustrators, painters, etc. were invited to contribute to the event and created works based on the Animal Crossing universe. Besides art, there are also a related goods like capsule toys for purchase, and visitors that bring their DSes snag a Wild World download. Admission is free, but visitors need to make reservations beforehand. The exhibition’s opening was *surprise* crowded. (Kotaku)

Having to make reservations sounds a bit strange, I’ve never seen a show there where you had to do that.