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CCGA Short Movie Cafe Vol. 2

Showing short films in a cafe setting is a great idea, and what’s really surprising is that the “CCGA Short Movie Cafe Vol. 2” event is taking place at the Ginza Graphic Gallery, on the second floor, which I’ve never seen used.

For the second time this temporary “cafe” opens every Saturday to introduce a special selection of animated short films. The cafe reopens with a new interior that was redesigned after the successful first installment, to serve a gorgeous menu of delicatessen from around the world, ranging from Academy Award nominee Yamamura Koji’s “Atamayama” to Hosokawa Shin’s tour de force, “Oni,” and from the universe of American Bill Plympton to the story of troubled crabs in the French sea. From Belgium come an army of expressionlessly frolicking toys that cause “Panic in the Village.” (REALTOKYO)

Here’s a link to screening times.