The Masters and Jidaigeki

Time for another round of classic Japanese films presented with English subtitles at a very nice price: “The Japan Foundation Film Series Part 6: The Masters and Jidaigeki.”

Most readers of the English edition of REALTOKYO are probably familiar with The Japan Foundation’s series of screenings of Japanese films with English subtitles. This sixth installment focuses on jidaigeki (historical play) style movies, and features a total of six titles including Kurosawa Akira’s “Rashomon”, Ichikawa Kon’s “Revenge of a Kabuki Actor”, and Uchida Tomu’s “A Bloody Spear at Mt. Fuji”. With the likes of Ichikawa Raizo, Bando Tsumasaburo, Kataoka Chiezo and others, the array of actors and actresses appearing here is equally gorgeous. Also planned is a lecture by film specialist Macdonald Keiko, so for those aspiring to become experts in Japanese cinema, the set of screenings and lecture is especially recommended. The venue this time is the OAG Hall at Goethe Institut Tokyo. (REALTOKYO)