Art Events

Smile/Cry * Now/Later

A new show, “Smile/Cry * Now/Later,” is set to open at the Nakaochiai Gallery, with the opening party tomorrow (July 8, 18:00-21:00).

Nakaochiai Gallery proudly presents Smile/Cry * Now/Later, a subjective look at three artists’ works from a cultural perspective to the personal experiences of the artists and their craft. Ted Pushinsky invokes questions referring to the timeless quality of raw moments that he has captured in his black and white photography. In stark contrast, Akinori Shimodaira’s dreamy, melting-popsicle-esque watercolors along with Eleanor Yap’s mind-blowing mixed-media take on a lyrical harmony with a refreshing playfulness in color and form. This dynamic show lays evident the importance of different backgrounds and visual approaches that are both aesthetically jarring and pleasing.

The artists in Smile/Cry * Now/Later are at three different stages of their art careers. Eleanor Yap is an emerging artist just completing her honors degree in Australia. Akinori Shimodaira is an established illustrator in Japan. And Ted Pushinsky has covered over five decades photographing timeless moments in America and abroad. This show is a mini-chronicle of art seen through these artists. Smile/Cry * Now/Later opens on July 9, 2006, and will run for three weeks.