Month: August 2006

  • Play It All

    One of the things I really dig about my new Xbox 360 is that I can download playable demos of games. Well, now even more good news from Microsoft Japan: Microsoft of Japan announced they will release all TGS and X06 videos and playable game demos in the Xbox Live Marketplace. (The Magic Box) Oh,…

  • Puzzles by Andrew Conti

    You may more readily recognize Andrew Conti‘s name as the art writer for METROPOLIS, but he’s an artist as well, and is currently working on a series of intriguing puzzles for an upcoming exhibition at the cafe (November 20 to December 3). I like where he’s going with these.

  • Barouche

    The good designers at Realfleet in Japan have been busy with Barouche, a new line of electronics and small appliances just for hotels (boutique hotel owners take note). Above from left CW: TV, desktop audio, telephone, steam iron, hair dryer and alarm clock. White appears to be the color de rigeur for hotels, but it’s…

  • Marimokkori

    Just got these as a souvenir from a student. Nice stiffy!

  • PauseTalk Vol. 4

    I try to avoid posting about PauseTalk here, but since the next one is less than a week away (September 4), following the one we had last week, I’d just like to alert those interested that I’ve updated the site with info on the theme for the next edition.

  • Starting Up a Company in Tokyo

    PingMag talks with Normal Design‘s Ross McBride on the challenges of starting up a company in Tokyo.

  • Galleries and Cafes

    Patrick is also biking around (but he’s been doing it for way longer than me), and checking out some galleries and cafes. He also has a report on last weekend’s Usagi-chang event.

  • Shift 2007 Calendar Competition Deadline

    The Shift Blog reminds us that the competition for next year’s edition of the Shift Calendar is coming to a close (September 10). Same thing for the DOTMOV festival (until September 20).

  • Another Paradise with Swedish Style

    The image that will be used on this year’s Swedish Style catalogue, with the theme “Another Paradise,” has been released, and is what you see here. Update (16/10/16): The image is no longer available.

  • Enter the Xbox 360

    Well, I did it, I’ve joined the dark side: since last night, I’m the very happy owner of an Xbox 360. The seeds were planted just over a week ago, when Brad invited me over to his place for a day of gaming goodness (pretty much 7 hours straight of Xbox 360, PSP, and DS…