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Back in early July I had the great pleasure of having my friend Julie Forgues — artist and professor of photography — come visit for a few weeks, and during that time we had an exhibition for a project of hers, “Land(in)formation,” at Cafe Pause. She introduced the project during that month’s PauseTalk (Vol. 33), and I’ve included here an artist statement and project description, along with the photos, that should help explain the idea behind the show.

She already has an idea for a follow-up for next year, which will expand on what was shown this year, and create an even stronger effect on the space — I’m really looking forward to hosting it at the cafe come next summer.


Time is captured by the film that I set in movement. I set a limit, I establish a precise time, I provide a season. Past, immediately recorded, forms a ghostly spaces of the, what was, what will never be, what I remember. Here and now, light, silver crystals and moment engage in a dance of the instant. And yet, it is past. Only shadowy spaces will reveal themselves on the surface. These spaces are only shadows that appear, here and there, reminding me of the objects/subjects of the past. This alteration of reality transports and grants me stories. I look at them, I remember them, I listen to them, I feel them. They will guide me towards another place that I wish to visit, but that only exists by the shadows revealed by the silver crystals dance in the image. Finally, they will live in the present. I expose them for the other. I am only a builder of images / memories / past stories. On a plate, I hold a portion of one of these frail landscapes, filled with tenderness and memories. I can only offer it its past …I can only offer it to the other.

In short, my photographic landscapes are stories of the past that must never fade out. With these images, I want to banish the boundaries between spectator/nature without entrenching on this land that already has multiple scars. I want to show the silent landscape; the silence that edifies its force. With these deafen landscapes, stories and memories bustle and provoke landmarks. The then represented landscapes then show themselves differently than their own physical nature.


The landscape I photograph and the land in which I live in are both culturally significant, as is the way I relate to them, as habitat and as photographer. If I can say that nature & culture = landscape and that landscape photography is part of cultural representations, then I can begin a dialogue between photography and landscape. With the medium format camera in hand, taking photographs of man-altered land and making no alterations to the negatives, I think of myself as a landscape photographer. However, am I really? Are the equipment (medium format camera), the subject (the land) and the context (art) sufficient for me to call myself a landscape photographer? Before, my artistic demeanour was all about the feminine. As time passed, I amplified my investigations of landscape photography. Subsequently, the feminine became secondary in my artistic work and landscapes became my primary subject, but were it really? Am I only using a different language – landscape photography – to talk about the feminine? I realise that taking part in what seems to be a male oriented style of photography is more, shall I say, of a feminist stand, than orienting my work specifically towards the feminine. But is it really?

For the past 7 years, I’ve been searching for these answers. For my – yet to be completed- PhD studies, I’ve noticed and researched the fact that rarely do Canadian woman use the “modernist straight photography” style when photographing landscapes. But I do! What does that make of the practice of my theories or the theories of my practice. To answer these questions I have to continue to live, look, experience, emerge, capture, edit, reveal and present these landscapes on a “plateau” of dancing silver crystals.

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Urban Paper

Despite the fact that I’ve been house-bound and on my back for the past month, I’m very glad to say that the “Urban Paper” paper toy art show and book launch is still happening at Cafe Pause next month. Produced by Josh McKible — who you all know from NaniBird — it celebrates the recently launched book Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build by bringing together new works from a host of designers who were featured inside (including Josh). It’s an awesome book — I have a copy — and so it’s a thrill to be able to help spread the paper toy gospel here in Tokyo.

As you can see above, Josh has designed a very cool poster for the show, starring the show’s mascot. More than just a graphic, the little dude can actually be printed out and built (see below), so get to it.

The show will run September 7-20, and thanks to some good news from my doctor today (and a beautiful x-ray), we’ll be celebrating the opening at next month’s edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 34) on the 7th.

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Speakerdog Exhibition at Cafe Pause


The Speakerdog paper toy exhibition at Cafe Pause is now on! Even better, it will be running for two weeks, until April 20.


The exhibition includes 60 designs, which make up a collection of favorites from all 5 series of Speakerdog paper toys that have been released so far.


If you love what you’re seeing in these photos, go here and download any template and make one yourself!


Ben and Fiona, the fine folks behind Speakerdog, are actively looking to get submission from Japanese artists, illustrators, and designers in order to release a Japan Series later this year. You can contact them directly for more details.


As part of the exhibition, I also invited Josh McKible to bring in his first series of NaniBird paper toys, and it even includes a collaboration between Josh and Ben (pictured below).


I’ve added a few more photos in the following Flickr photoset, and will add some more over the next week.

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Ooito and Th’ Rezidents Invade Cafe Pause



Today marks the start of Huschang and Sonia‘s Ooito and Th’ Rezidents exhibition at Cafe Pause (until December 24), and so I’ve put up a Flickr photoset of a few shots I took tonight. As the exhibition will be held in two phases — read about it here — I’ll add more photos to the set over the course of the show. Both of them will be on hand Friday night (December 15) for an informal reception.

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Shots from Connections and Combinations


I’ve put up a Flickr photoset of shots from “Connections and Combinations,” the exhibition by artist/writer Andrew Conti at Cafe Pause that starts today. The show runs until December 3, with an artist reception being held November 25, from 19:00.

You’ll notice some of the puzzles in the shots that I mentioned a while back, and the artist invites everyone to play around with them, and to then snap a pic and send it to him.

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Nudie Cafe

The Swedish Style event that I’ll be organizing this year at the cafe with Jesper is starting to come together. Nudie Cafe — a collaboration with Swedish fashion brand Nudie Jeans — will again take over the regular space during the first two weeks of November, with PMKFA creating various installations, and other surprises as well. The site for the event is now live (not much there yet, but more to come in the next few weeks). I will keep my blogging about the event mostly to the Cafe Pause blog, so keep checking there for more details as they become available.

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Puzzles by Andrew Conti


You may more readily recognize Andrew Conti‘s name as the art writer for METROPOLIS, but he’s an artist as well, and is currently working on a series of intriguing puzzles for an upcoming exhibition at the cafe (November 20 to December 3). I like where he’s going with these.

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Rhythm of the Composition


Hiroaki Koshiba‘s exhibition, “Rhythm of the Composition,” is currently on show (until August 27). I’ve created a Flickr photoset of a few shots taken. The opening party will take place tomorrow night (Saturday, August 19), with live painting (accompanied by video projections created by Channing Kennedy) by the artist starting at 19:00. All drinks will be 500 yen. Come join us!

I’ve put up a photoset of the live painting session.

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Happy Time


This week at Cafe Pause we have an exhibition by artists Kazaho Setsu and Nikiniki called “Happy Time” (until July 30). Postcards — which you can see here and here — are sold for 150 yen.

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It’s Our Thing on TAB

b9d2-170Event info for the “It’s Our Thing” exhibition is now up on TAB. And remember to come see us during the party Saturday night (from 19:00)!