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A Weekend of TGS

As I explain in this Gridskipper post, this weekend I’ll be covering the Tokyo Game Show for Kotaku with contributors Brian Ashcraft (he who spanks the loudest) and Michael McWhertor. This’ll be the first time I attend one of these as press, and the first time in years (at least 4 or 5) that I go to a TGS. You all know I’m looking to get some Wii action, but I’m also excited about seeing lots of new Xbox 360 stuff (ahem, GEARS OF WAR) and whatever PS3 games Sony will finally deign to let us try. Keep checking Kotaku throughout the weekend for regular updates.

The image you see in the post was taken from Gizmodo Japan, and signals that no cosplay preparations are to be done in the restrooms.

Update (16/10/16): The image is no longer available.