Month: October 2006


    Today I stopped by the KDDI Designing Studio to see the new INFOBAR2 mobile phone from the AU Design Project, designed by Naoto Fukasawa. It’s still officially a prototype, but you just know that this thing will go retail. I didn’t manage to take many pictures of the different models because my camera batteries died…

  • Tide Exhibition

    Earlier today I also attended the press preview for Design Tide, which was held at their “Tide Exhibition” space (or main hall) on Meiji dori, not far from the crossing with Omotesando. I’m absolutely in love with the place they’ve chosen as a main exhibition spot — a renovated building that is still under construction,…

  • Uniqlo Paper #1

    While I was at SuperDeluxe last night for our presentation, I picked up this giant Uniqlo free paper for their upcoming NYC launch, which looks just terrific. Great binding, and nice graphics throughout — you really need to get this. I did see that they had a few unopened boxes of them at the Design…

  • Notebook by Lotta Kuhlhorn

    I attended the Swedish Style press presentation earlier today at the Embassy of Sweden — I was also there to drop some flyers and put up a poster up with Jesper for our “Nudie Cafe” event — where they are hosting works by the designers featured in this year’s edition of the catalogue: Lotta Kuhlhorn,…

  • Live at PKN

    I’ve put up another photoset, this time of shots taken during the PechaKucha Night presentation. Big thanks to Sonia Chow for taking these with my camera.

  • Nudie Cafe at PKN

    I’ve put up all the images used in the presentation — created by Jesper — up on my Flickr account in a photoset. To get the “piling” effect, I recommend viewing it in a slideshow.

  • Furoshiki Laptop Bags

    I’ve been a fan of 9brand (Kujirushi) for quite a while, and was pleased to see a mention of their Furoshiki laptop bag on Cool Hunting. I’m thinking I could use one of these myself.

  • Nudie Cafe Images

    I had time to put a few images from the “Nudie Cafe” event up on my Flickr account — here’s a link to the photoset. I’ll add some more shots over the week.

  • Live at PechaKucha Tonight

    As you can probably tell from the lack of posts over the weekend, it’s been a rather hectic couple of days, trying to get everything ready in time for the start of the “Nudie Cafe” event at Cafe Pause. We’ve now officially started (although the video installation will only start on Wednesday, when NIM arrives…

  • Preparing an Event

    Jesper, hard at work on the final pieces of our Nudie Cafe puzzle.