Design Events

Tide Exhibition


Earlier today I also attended the press preview for Design Tide, which was held at their “Tide Exhibition” space (or main hall) on Meiji dori, not far from the crossing with Omotesando. I’m absolutely in love with the place they’ve chosen as a main exhibition spot — a renovated building that is still under construction, and will be turned into offices once the event is over. The whole place has a cool funky feel to it, and even though they were will quite busy putting stuff up, I really liked how everything was arranged, sort of in an unfinished way (yes, they were still putting stuff up, but a lot of the “booths” were done), with official “Design Tide” tape covering walls, chairs, well, pretty much everything. The whole idea behind this year’s edition is of recycling/re-using — especially exemplified by the “Treasured Trash” part — and so most of what is there is done with that spirit (even the seats we were sitting on during the press briefing were made up of parts from old office chairs and low desks). This “remixing” of the space is going to continue throughout the event, meaning no one knows how everything will turn out by the end. Even though I spent quite some time looking at things today, I’m already really looking forward to going back tomorrow for another look.