PauseTalk Vol. 6

The next edition of PauseTalk is coming up, next Monday (December 4), at the usual start time of 19:30. For Vol. 6, I’d like to cover a few things, including an update on the wiki project (we are currently building a wiki database to act as a resource for creatives in the city), as well as the presentation of a new project that would involve using 8mm cameras to create shorts for an eventual showcase night. The projector will be available again, so if you plan on attending and would like to share some images (current projects, etc.), please let me know and send along images.


On Design for November 2006


This month’s edition of my “On Design” column is in today’s THE JAPAN TIMES, and in it I cover some of my picks (I had to narrow things down for space, and wanted to have a variety) from this year’s 100% Design Tokyo. I cover Takafumi Nemoto‘s Babel, Sunnin’s Tokyo Dresser, 100%‘s Magnet Tack, Teori‘s Root, Yuki Tanaka and Maki Nakahara‘s Lighting of Communication Tool, and Ismi Design Office‘s Structure and Cube.

Design Events

Central East Tokyo 2006

I’m a bit late on this, but “Central East Tokyo 2006” (CET06) has already started, and goes on until December 3.

Launched in 2003, CET (Central East Tokyo) is being held for the fourth time this year. While up to now CET has been a large-scale affaire using the entire downtown area in eastern Tokyo as a venue, the style is changing with the 2006 edition. CET06 is not a temporary festivity, but was scaled down in order to transfer it to the level of an everyday kind of event. This time the spectacle is being staged a ten different venues, with mainly creators residing in the area presenting antiquarian bookshops and other projects. Opening as a permanent base this time is the gallery & shop “UT”. The program 2006 includes again an exhibition of pattern artist Tokoro Asao, who also participated last year. (REALTOKYO)
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Creative Japonica


Looks like Karl Escritt is creating his own sort of PauseTalk in Kyoto, at Japonica Music Kyoto, adding to it a great live element that will kick off this coming Friday (December 1) with guests that will include O.Lamm and Digiki (as part of their current Japan tour), and Midori Hirano. Here’s how Karl describes this new bi-monthly series of events:

Creative Japonica is a new event organised by the Japonica Music Store Kyoto and Kyoto-based English Graphic Designer Karl Escritt. The event is intended to be a hub for new creativity in Kyoto and the surrounding areas. Every two months all types of creatives — illustrators, designers, filmmakers, animators, musicians, producers, etc. — are invited to meet at the Japonica event space to showcase their work and network with other creatives. Every event will feature a guest speaker working professionally in a creative field, and participants at the event will have the opportunity to ask questions and show work to the guest speaker. Live music will also feature during every event, and musicians are encouraged to bring along demo CDs as the chance to play live at future events will be possible.

If you’re an illustrator, graphic designer, painter, artist, bring your portfolio…
If you’re a filmmaker, animator, VJ, bring along some DVDs of your work…
If you’re a musician, produce, DJ, bring some demo CDs…
Bring business cards…

For this week’s first edition, doors will open at 18:00, the talk session will start at 18:30, and the live show will start at 19:15, with doors closing at 23:00.

Art Events

Nakaochiai Gallery’s Group Show


The Nakaochiai Gallery is celebrating its second anniversary with “Group Show,” bringing together the works of 7 Tokyo-based artists: Seiji Yonehara, Becky Yee, Clint Taniguchi, Kazumasa Noguchi, DENSE, Takayo Nagura, and Benedetta Borrometi. The exhibition will be held December 3-12, with the opening reception December 2 (18:00-21:00).


TABlog Checks Out the 21_21 Design Sight


TABlog takes a look at 21_21 Design Sight, and covers what went on during one of the recent talks organized by the soon-to-launch (March 2007) design facility.

Design Events

Kokuyo Design Award 2006 Winners


The winners for the Kokuyo Design Award 2006 have been announced. Pictured here is the grand prize winner, “Slice,” by Sachie Ohga. Link via

Music Web

Beaus in Disarray


Marxy has been promising for a while now to release an EP (a preview of sorts, of his upcoming full-length album that will be out sometime in 2007) on Creation Centre, Music Related‘s web label. Well, “Beaus in Disarray” is now out, so make with the clicky and get it now! Marxy has also posted “fragments” from the lyrics for each track.

Architecture Technology

New Tokyo Tower


Hopefully “New Tokyo Tower” will finally let me see all network channels in digital (I currently don’t have a great reception for them, which was a big disappointment when I got my HDTV set):

This design, by Tobu Railway Co, shows the new broadcast tower that is set to become the world’s tallest structure upon completion in 2011. Dubbed New Tokyo Tower, the 610-meter-tall structure will be built in Sumida Ward by Japan’s six top broadcasters to bolster television transmissions when the current analog TV broadcasts are replaced by terrestrial digital services in 2011. (Japan Today)
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O.Lamm + Digiki + Bus


The O.Lamm/Digiki tour was in Nagoya last night, using that same bus that the Shoboys did last year! More pics from Digiki’s blog here.