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Wii Launch in Ikebukuro




I did it, I ended up with a Wii on launch day! After waking up early (5:30) and going to the main Bic Camera store in Ikebukuro and finding out that it was too late — and I wasn’t alone, as many people with dejected looks on their face walked away from the store as I arrived — I thought it was over. But all was not lost, as one of the smaller Bic Camera stores was having a draw for 100 units (and thank you, Patrick, for the tip). You had to go between 9 and 10, when they would take the number of your Bic Camera point card, and then go back at 11 to see if your number had been selected. I still can’t believe my luck! I also ended up getting HAJIMETE NO WII, WII SPORTS (me and the wife are loving the tennis game), and SUPER MONKEY BALL. I’ve put up a Flickr photoset of a few photos, and expect a more detailed post on Kotaku sometime tomorrow.

UpdateThe post for Kotaku is now up.